Contains : % 7,5 PVP Iodine (Povidone Iodine)
Medical Description: Povidone-Iodine is a broad-spectrum antiseptic, microbicide,
bactericide which does not irritate the skin. It is a skin cleaner which is used as hand
and skin disinfcentant in clinics and operating theatre.
Application : It is used as hygienic and surgical hand disinfections, for disinfecting
operative zones and for antiseptical washing.

Instruction of use :
Surgical hand disinfection: Soak your hands thoroughly with water up to the elbows.
Apply 5ml Nexiodin Scrub up to the elbow about 2-5 min. For better formation, add
drops of water and wash under running water.
Hygienic hand disinfection : Use approximately 5ml Nexiodin Scrub 2-5 min and add a
little water to the foam formation.Wash rubbing for 1 min.
Operating zone disinfection : Operative field is soaked with water. Use 1ml/20cm2
Nexoidin Scrub. Clean with steril gauze soaked with water.

Commercial presentation :

50 ml PE bottle in box
100 ml PE bottle in box
250ml PE bottle
500 ml PE bottle
750ml PE bottle
900ml PE bottle
1000ml PE bottle
5000 ml PE bottle

Safety Tips :

If you are allergic a medicine that contains iodine,contact your doctor immediately.
This solution is for external use only. Do not apply in your eyes.
Contact your doctor before using the solution on deep wounds,serious burns,or
puncture wounds.
Do not use the solution during PREGNANCY and BREAST –FEEDING.

Storage Life : 2 years