Contains : 4 % Chlorhexidine gluconate,
Medical Description: Chlorhexidine is an antibacterial compound used in
antimicrobial skin cleansers for surgical scrub, preoperative skin preparation, and
cleansing skin wounds. It is effective against gram-positive organisms, gram-negative
organisms, aerobes, facultative anaerobes, and yeast.
Applications : Nexsidin solution is indicated for use as a surgical scrub, as a healthcare
personnel handwash, as a patient pre-operative skin preparation, and as a skin
wound cleanser and general skin cleaner.

Instruction For use :

Skin Wound and General Skin Cleansing: Wash the wound area with warm water :
Apply the minimum amount of Nexsidin necessary to cover the skin or wound area
and wash again gently.
- Preoperative Skin Preparation
Apply 5-6 ml Nexsidin to surgical site and swab for at least two minutes. Dry with a
sterile towel.Repeat this procedure for an additional two minutes.
- Hand Wash
Wet hands with warm water. Use 5 mL of Nexsidin and rub together. Wash for 15
seconds. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Dry thoroughly.

Commercial presentation :

50 ml PE bottle in box
100 ml PE bottle in box
250ml PE bottle
500 ml PE bottle
750ml PE bottle
900ml PE bottle
1000ml PE bottle
5000 ml PE bottle

Safety Tips : You should not use this medication if you are allergic to chlorhexidine
gluconate. It can be used many times a day without causing irritation, dryness, or
discomfort. External use only. Keep out of eyes,ears and mouth.

Storage Life : 2 years